Random Musings 




Oh, so glibly prescriptive: We think, therefore we judge

 "Things will happen without anyone being blameable for them. So be Zen. Be patient. Concede that inevitability and unpredictability are part and parcel of our nature and our fate and destiny".

Jack Aslanian muses on the effects of the coronavirus from a medical writer's point of view.


For Here is Bespoke Windbagerry: Vacate the Hall, and the Podium too

 "It is beyond belief how effortlessly wistfulness can make us forgiving, but then who could have foretold the upheavals we have experienced between a year ago, let us say, and the present — in inconceivable venues, all over the world".

Jack Aslanian considers conferences of old.


O, Safety, quo vadis? 

 "We should not be deluded into believing that safety procedures can or will ever fully allay our fears".

Jack Aslanian muses on keeping safe.

Of all bases some uncovered:  Random observations and opinions on the Novel Corona Virus

"Medical writers have substantial contributions to make to efforts to learn and communicate about our pandemic". 

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Homeopathy redux: For so few Euros less

Since I last commented in this forum (see EMWA Webeditorials, Exacerbated Antipathies), things have moved along in France — to the detriment of homeopathy and users of homeopathic pharmaceuticals...

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CME ritualised: The Good, the Bad, and the Unendurable Bore

Does every teacher inspire?

Jack Aslanian on the tedium of the artless lecturer.

Lexicoplasty: The last word but mine

Is a word not in a dictionary a word?

Jack Aslanian muses about the life and death of words in this thought-provoking piece.

RidiculAds: Job Offers You Can Refuse!

In this scathing but funny piece, Stephen Gilliver wonders about some of the writing jobs that are posted, and the writers who accept them...
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Writing when you don’t have time

In modern society, everything we do needs to be quick, efficient and to-the-point. There is no doubt about it....
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