EMWA Volunteers

EMWA needs volunteers!

EMWA is a member run organisation. When you volunteer to assist EMWA in some way, you are furthering the development of your association. You can get involved in a very limited way or become part of a larger project. The choice is yours and everyone shares in the benefits.

If you are a member of EMWA and eager to support ongoing initiatives, you can contact one of the Executive Committee members listed below to volunteer for specific areas. Alternatively, contact the Public Relations officer (pr@emwa.org) to discuss other opportunities available.


Opportunities in: 

 Contact details
Congress planning conferencedirector@emwa.org
Journal contributions   editor@emwa.org
Website contributions   webmanager@emwa.org
Social media team    pr@emwa.org
Conference advertisement   pr@emwa.org
Webinar team    webinar@emwa.org
Internship project pr@emwa.org
Workshop leaders    education@emwa.org
Pharmacovigilance special interest group   tiziana.von_bruchhausen@boehringer-ingelheim.com
Freelance business group    laura.a.kehoe@gmail.com
Finance    treasurer@emwa.org
MedComms SIG medcomsig@emwa.org

Why volunteer?

  • Help promote the role of medical writers and strengthen our association.
  • Help to raise the standards in the field you will be helping with.
  • Increase your visibility and communication opportunities with other medical writing members.
  • Add some prestige to your CV while participating in interesting activities.
  • Improve your knowledge of medical writing and related topics.

Who volunteers?

Click here to see the latest list of our workshop leaders and click here to see how other people volunteer in a variety of different ways.