Entrepreneurship SIG

Created for medical writers looking to scale up their business and interact with similar-minded entrepreneurs to exchange experiences and learn from each other.

All members:


Namrata Singh, Founder at Turacoz Group

Committee Members:

Allison Kirsop, Founder at Scientific Writers Ltd.

Heather Mason, Coufetery Comms (freelance)

SIG Supporting Members:

Namrata Upadhyay, CMO and VP marketing at Lumendo, Freelance consultant at NamNR PRO

Sarah Tilly, Founder at Azur Health Science

Trevor Stanbury, Owner and medical writer at Pro-Pens

Chiamein Goh, QA manager, PV at Pharma

Roshini Beenukumar, Freelance medical writer

Matthew Krecic, K-File Medical Writing and Editing Services

Philip Burridge, Director Operations and Strategy, Morula Health

Archana Nagarajan, Freelance medical writer

Siddarth Chachad, Founder at Reguclin Consulting

Katrin Zaragoza, Freelance regulatory medical writer

Katharina Friedrich, Freelance medical writing consultant

Vandana Chaudhary, Freelance science writer

Tola Adesunloye, Freelance medical writer

EPSIG objectives

The Entrepreneurship Special Interest Group (#EMWAEPSIG) intends to support EMWA members looking to expand their business.

The aim is to create a network of members who have taken the next step from working solo to running a company, whatever the business model.

The intention is to create a professional space where members can access business advice and learn from the experiences of others who are at varying stages of their business development journey. Each member’s contribution to the group’s activities is valuable and unique.

Latest news and activities

The EP-SIG members met on a quarterly basis in 2023 and exchanged experiences, their pain areas along with opportunities and solutions related to medical writing business.

The last meeting of 2023 was on 20 Dec 2023 which ended with new members joining and sharing their ideas about 2024.

In 2024 the meetings will be held every alternate month (bimonthly) starting from Mar 2024 between 2-3 pm CET. The dates of the meeting in 2024 are as follows:

  1. 6 Mar 2024
  2. 24 April 2024
  3. 26 June 2024
  4. 28 Aug 2024
  5. 30 Oct 2024
  6. 18 Dec 2024  

The meetings will be agile and will evolve according to the member’s inputs and requirements. The purpose of the SIG is to have regular meetings/interactions covering the following formats:    

  1. Ask me anything (AMA) sessions where we will invite members to answer queries from the group on a focussed area in which they have expertise
  2. Meet and share where EP-SIG will collaborate with other SIGs to bring different perspectives in medical writing business and foster collaborative atmosphere
  3. Participate in EMWA annual conferences (Spring and Autumn) with dedicated sessions on entrepreneurship
  4. Sharing resources related to journey from freelancing to business owners, setting up business or expansion with each other
  5. Become a member of the closed LinkedIn group to stay connected

Please reach out to Namrata Singh at namrata@turacoz.com to know more about this SIG and become a member.

EMWA Entrepreneurship SIG