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EMWA webinars help members to develop skills and keep up to date with new or rapidly developing areas. Most of our webinars are live, online seminars with the opportunity for participant interaction. Webinar access is reserved for EMWA members only and requires registration.

Upcoming 2024 webinars 

June 20th, 13:00 CEST

Freelancing – the “A to Z” – my experiences

Beate Walter

From A, like “acquisition of projects/clients”, over to B, like “budgeting”, and C, like “cooperation with other freelancers”, we will go through a number of general questions and issues any freelancer has to address and/or solve for themselves. I will try to answer questions about what information a freelancer needs in the scope of a project, how to create a quotation (potential clauses to include and how to mitigate risk of further requests), how to estimate a project in terms of time and timelines, what to include in a contract, insurance and where to get it (and if you need it), managing payments and schedules, and performance assessments.

Target audience: Freelance Medical Writers or Medical Writers who might consider going freelance

Previous knowledge required: None.

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July 18th, 13:00 CEST

Patient Advocates: The Newest Stakeholders

Shirin Khalili

As healthcare gradually evolves from “Doctor knows best,” patient advocates have adopted “Nothing about us without us!” as their rallying cry to bring patient-centricity to the forefront of medical research. As it turns out, including the patient/caregiver perspective benefits other stakeholders at multiple steps of the drug or device development process. Medical writers can play a critical role in many facets including (but not limited to) preparing disease awareness materials, capturing feedback at patient advisory boards, gaining patient/caregiver insight when writing clinical trial protocols, and including patient advocates as authors in publications. This webinar will introduce patient advocacy and share examples to provide tools and insights that medical writers may find useful for incorporating the patient’s/caregiver’s voice into our collective efforts to advance healthcare.

Level: Foundation

Previous knowledge required: none

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Please note: We reserve the right to cancel a webinar if needed, although we will make all effort to avoid it. Also, we make every effort to ensure we have a stable internet connection to run EMWA webinars, but it is not possible to provide a 100% stable connection. If for any reason, the presentation has to be cancelled by the organiser, a notification email will be sent as soon as possible.

Past 2024 webinars 


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Successful implementation and development of lay protocol synopses (Mar 2024)

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Post Market Clinical Follow Up (PMCF) Surveys: from plan to action? (Feb 2024)

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Informing patients and the public about clinical trials and their results (Jan 2024)

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