Web Team

Website Manager Andrew Balkin

The website manager has overall responsibility for the EMWA website, driving content and technical development. The ongoing process of our website development will see a refinement of content, features and functionality to provide a valuable resource to members for non-members.

An important part of the role is ensuring that our content remains fresh and accurate.

Liaising with website contributors and the website management / website providers for day-to-day administration and technical maintenance of the website is also part of the brief.


  Web Team Members Email

The web team members hold non-Executive Committee positions, working with the EMWA web manager in updating and improving the website.

We are open to offers of support, so if you would like to help us, please contact Andrew, the EMWA web manager.

We would love to build a small team of EMWA volunteers who can support us in the next stages of the website development.

Please note that contributions for the EMWA website are only accepted from EMWA members unless previously agreed.