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What is a web editorial?

As the name suggests, it is an opinion piece published online which touches on a topic related to medical writing. It may be serious or light, descriptive or opinion led.

Feeling inspired by the articles below? If you have something you would like to get off your chest about any aspect related to medical writing, please get in touch if you would like to pen a web editorial.


Stop signs and spaghetti junctions

"Be mindful of your journey but focus on the destination, you can be a medical writer"

Heather Mason outlines her career journey, which took many twists and turns.

Medical Copywriting

What should you be doing?

Chiara Degasper on how to make good writing great!

CME ritualised: The Good, the Bad, and the Unendurable Bore

Does every teacher inspire?

Jack Aslanian on the tedium of the artless lecturer.

What happens before a drug enters a “first-in-human” trial?

Ever wondered what preclinical research involves and why is it required?

Karima Benamara shares background information and her personal experience of preclinical writing.




Lexicoplasty: The last word but mine


Is a word not in a dictionary a word?


Jack Aslanian muses about the life and death of words in this thought-provoking piece.


Getting into the Medical Writing world

The advantages offered by EMWA can be utilised by members.


Amadora Díaz-Palacios tells how she got into medical writing in this personal account.


Healthy Medical Writing: Taking Our Own Health and Wellbeing Advice.

One issue sometimes overlooked by medical writers, healthcare organisations and even the general population: our own, personal wellbeing.


Aimée Hall encourages us to think about our own health for once!


How To Write An Unsuccessful Web Article

Some helpful tips on how not to write a science article for the web!


Tongue firmly in cheek, Evguenia Alechine outlines the ingredients needed for an unsuccessful web article.


M Franker
Taking the plunge: 6 pitfalls starting medical writers should be aware of


Jane Edwards 
Medical Devices Regulation upheaval

The medical device world is facing unprecedented change, global regulations, clinical and technical, the industry has never faced change on this scale. The increased regulatory requirements will affect companies significantly and it is uncertain how many are in a position to deal with the increase in requirements.


Conversation with Prof. Ana Marušić

Lead author of The Five-step Authorship Framework to Improve Transparency in Disclosing Contributors to Industry-sponsored Clinical Trial publications
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RidiculAds: Job Offers You Can Refuse!

In this scathing but funny piece, Stephen Gilliver wonders about some of the writing jobs that are posted, and the writers who accept them...
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Evading responsibility to readers and third parties – original article and replies

The Journal of Bioethical Inquiry declined to correct the record of publication to the satisfaction of a reader whose professional interests they felt were threatened by misleading information. Read the original article and a reply on the subject here in the EMWA Webeditorial section.
To read the original Webeditorial by Karen Shashok please click here.

The full text is available here.

To read the Webeditorial reply to Shashok by Paul Komersaroff please click here.

You can read the full text here.


What's all the tweet about?

Social media, and “reaching” out to the masses via Twitter and Facebook, is the new medium for broadcasting information to the world. However, for many, engagement with social media sites is done in a haphazard manner and in the absence of a defined social media strategy.
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What is Web 2.0?

Whether we fully understand, or are even aware of the term ‘Web 2.0’, the majority of us visit websites featuring Web 2.0 applications on a daily basis (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter), and the use of this type of site is increasing rapidly. But what is
'Web 2.0'?
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Open access and online publishing: is the traditional print journal a thing of the past?

Over the last decade there has been a notable surge in the number of publishers offering open access to one or more of their medical journals. So with more and more journals transitioning to open access, what will the impact be for the more traditional journals, which offer their content through print and online only subscriptions, or by ‘pay per view’ for a particular article?

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Online social networking: the next big thing in medical education?

Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, MySpace, LinkedIn, Friendster, YouTube. It is hard not to have heard of at least one of the numerous social networking sites that have sprung up in recent years........

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Increasing author disclosure requirements: what does this mean for the medical writer involved in the manuscript development process?

In recent years, a greater number of peer-reviewed journals, across almost all therapy areas, have added to their author guidelines, or their submission systems, the requirement to not only disclose all potential financial conflicts for all named authors, but also to detail the contributions made by each author to study design and conduct, and manuscript development and approval.......

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