What is a Special Interest Group (SIG)?

EMWA SIGs allow EMWA and its members to contribute to important conversations around topics that will impact our industry in the coming years. A SIG is a vehicle for EMWA members to meet, discuss and share information and best practice on a hot topic in the world of medical writing. 

This is achieved through the EMWA journal, EMWA website, and events at conferences. 

How many SIGs are there?

SIGs within EMWA have grown in recent years as the following table demonstrates:

Special Interest Group

Year Founded



Regulatory Public Disclosure (RPD SIG)


Medical Devices (MD SIG)


Veterinary Medical Writing


Medical Communications

(predatory publishing strand)




Communicating with the Public




How is a SIG constituted?

In a SIG there is a Chair or Co-Chair, chosen by the SIG committee members. The number of SIG committee members is limited to five. Some SIGs may also have so-called “Supporting Members” who assist the SIG on an ad hoc basis. Each SIG has its own online presence on the EMWA website and liaises directly with the EMWA Executive Committee.

Interested in joining?

You (or some of your colleagues) may be interested in joining the EMWA SIGs to debate, share best practice and resources.

Please contact the SIG Chair directly to learn about how you can get involved. Contact information is available on each SIGs webpage.

I have an idea for a new SIG, how can I get it started?

Please email info@emwa.org in the first instance with your idea. The EMWA Executive Committee will assess the need for a new SIG and take appropriate steps. Should the Executive Committee approve your idea for a new SIG, please read the policies and procedures document on SIGs which provides recommendations on how to get started.