Veterinary Medical Writing - Special Interest Group


The veterinary special interest group (vetSIG) was formed during the EMWA spring conference 2019 in Vienna, Austria.

Cemile Karim
 Cemile Jakupoglu    l   Karim Montasser 

Committee Members:
Jessica Lin
Miyuki Tauchi
Jennifer Freymann

SIG Supporting Members:
Sandra Goetsch-Schmidt
Marianna Ricci
Vera Faigl

- Raise awareness of Medical Writing and EMWA in the Veterinary Community
- Present and illuminate the broad and diverse area of Veterinary Medical Writing
- Encourage veterinarians as well as others to get in touch
- Act as a resource and support group
- Provide a forum to discuss and share information
- Enrich the educational program of EMWA relevant to veterinary medical writers through workshops, journal articles, webinars, etc.

- Quarterly vet SIG online meetings (3 pm German Time on last Friday of Jul, Oct, Jan, Apr)
- Web-Seminar: MedCom, Veterinary Case reporting see
- Establish workshop on basic veterinary regulatory affairs 
- Articles in EMWA Journal

Useful links:

Download a list of useful websites (guidelines, jobs etc.) here.

EMWA workshops that the vet SIG recommend for vets.

Get in touch:

We encourage veterinarians as well as everyone involved in veterinary writing to get in touch. We value your experience and would love to get your input!

Please email if you would like more information or to be more involved.