Public Webinars

Below are all of the publicly accessible EMWA webinars for you to view. These should give you an idea of the type of content and quality of webinars that EMWA provides to its members.

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Clarity and Openness in Reporting:E3-based CORE Reference
Value for the Global Regulatory MW Community By Sam Hamilton, Vivien Fagan, Alison McIntosh and Zuo Yen Lee | 21st June 2023

Assessing and Reporting Environmental Risk for Human Medicinal Products throughout Development
By Diana Radovan and Liron Sarid-Krebs | 15th September 2022

The 10 Most Common Misconceptions New Freelance Medical Writers Have and Why They’re Wrong
By Sophie Ash | 19th July 2022

An update on the ICMJE recommendations
By Andrea Rossi | 14th May 2020

Oh Vienna! Impressions of first EMWA conference
By Archana Nagarajan | 29th August 2019

EMWA's outreach for its freelance members activities and resources
By Satyen Shenoy | 27th September 2018

Why you shouldn’t miss the next EMWA conference
By Laura Collada Ali | 30th August 2018