MD SIG objectives

  • To provide a forum for EMWA members to discuss and share information in the area of medical devices and in vitro devices.
  • To ensure focus is given to this rapidly evolving medical communication speciality.
  • To support the implementation of the new EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR 2017/45) and the In Vitro Device Regulation (IVDR 2017/746).
  • To act as a resource and support group for medical communicators interested in getting into this field.
  • To increase the educational offerings of EMWA relevant to this field.


  • Co-chairs: Kelly Goodwin Burri, Beatrix Doerr
  • Committee members: Raquel Billiones, Jane Edwards, Gillian Pritchard, Namrata Upadhyay (MEW Medical Device Section Editor)
  • Supporting members: open to any interested EMWA member

Regular activities

The MD SIG meets on the first Friday of the month throughout the year to discuss ongoing projects and current topics of interest.

Our regular activities include:

  • Hosting discussions on topics of interest to medical device writers (“Meet & Share” sessions).
  • Planning and development of new EMWA workshops and other educational offerings (Expert Seminar Series and webinars).
  • Contributing to the Medical Device Section in the EMWA journal Medical Writing.
  • Providing networking opportunities virtually and at EMWA conferences.

EPDP Medical Device workshops

The MD SIG is actively seeking to expand EMWA’s educational offerings for medical device writers. Here we provide an overview of current and planned workshops. 

Foundation workshops

Advanced workshops

Get involved

All EMWA members interested in writing for medical devices and networking with like-minded colleagues are welcome to join us. Please send an e-mail to to receive the latest MD SIG information and an invitation join our monthly calls.

Medical device resources: