About the EMWA Ambassador Programme

Ambassador Program Careers Talks

Since October 2017, EMWA Ambassadors have appeared at career events in Berlin, Bucharest, London, Munich, Rome, Reading, Stuttgart, and Zurich with more to come.

On this page, we will be providing updates on all Ambassador presentations and our impressions of these events.

If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador, or if you have any information on career events in your vicinity, please contact Abe Shevack at aspscientist@gmail.com or EMWA Head Office at info@emwa.org.

Latest update

On 10 Nov 2022, Sarah Choudhury (EMWA Treasurer) along with Ricardo Milho (EMWA Sponsorship Officer) and Arunon Sivananthan (EMWA member) represented EMWA at the NetworkPharma Medcomms Career Event (“Working in and around #MedComms”) that took place at the Radisson Hotel & Conference Centre in London Heathrow.

The event was very well attended with around 500 participants, including employers from Medcomms and Regulatory Writing agencies, and newcomers with diverse backgrounds interested in starting a career in Medical Writing.Sarah, Ricardo, and Arunon manned an exhibitor table at the event and were extremely busy answering many questions about training for medical writers and the benefits of joining EMWA. They demonstrated the resources on the EMWA website and provided promotional information and copies of the EMWA Journal Medical Writing.Sarah also hosted a discussion panel in the afternoon entitled "Meet the Regulatory Writers", with 3 other writers from Regulatory Writing agencies who shared their career journeys and talked about what it is like to work in regulatory writing. Overall, it was a very successful day and we look forward to further collaboration with Peter Llewellyn and NetworkPharma in the future.

If you are an experienced medical writer and EMWA volunteer and are interested in becoming an EMWA Ambassador, or if you know of any upcoming career events in your locality, please contact Abe Shevack (aspscientist@gmail.com).

On 11 June, Sally Hill gave an introduction to medical writing and EMWA for a group of 18 translators, interpreters, editors and copywriters in Utrecht. These language experts were attending a workshop organized by SENSE, the Society of English-language professionals in the Netherlands. Like EMWA, SENSE has special interest groups (SIGs) and the full-day workshop on medical translation, medical editing, and medical writing was organized by the SENSE Medical SIG. Some attendees were old hands while others were at the early stages of their careers. Several expressed an interest in EMWA, and one medical editor based in Germany has already become an EMWA member!

On 22 Mar 2022, Dr Carola Krause gave a virtual presentation on writing the IMPD to an audience of 30 researchers at the SPARK-BIH Educational Forum in Berlin. Carola was joined by Abe Shevack who gave an introduction to medical writing and EMWA. The presentation was very well received and there was much interest in the topic and some interesting questions.



Speaker Location/Event Date
Abraham Shevack National Congress of Clinical Research (NCCR) - Bucharest, Romania 19 Oct 2017
Tiziana von Bruchhausen Training and career talk - Alfa FCM, Rome, Italy 16 Jan 2018
Alison Rapley Biosciences day event - Reading University, UK 31 Jan 2018
Raquel Billiones Career talk - Life Science Zurich Young Scientist Network of ETH - University of Zurich, Switzerland 01 Feb 2018
Abraham Shevack Leibniz-Institute for Molecular Pharmacology (FMP), PhD Winter School - Berlin (Buch), Germany 22 Feb 2018
Alison Rapley Interactive workshop and career talk - University College London, UK 06 Mar 2018
Tiziana von Bruchhausen EMWA presentation - Dr Notghi Academy, Berlin, Germany 09 Mar 2018
Anne McDonough Careers Day - Anglia Ruskin University - Essex, UK 18 Apr 2018
Raquel Billiones Medtech conference - Two presentations on MW and medical devices - Stuttgart, Germany 17-19 Apr 2018
Beatrix Doerr Biozentrum der LMU - Planegg-Martinsried - Munich. Germany 19 Apr 2018
Anne McDonough Professional Careers Beyond Academia conference and fair - University College London, UK 11 Jun 2018
John Carpenter Spoke with participants at MedComms Event/NetworkPharma Ltd - London, UK 27 Jun 2018
Raquel Billiones and Abe Shevack

Bio Network All day workshop /regulatory documents and EMWA, Planegg-Martinsried - Munich, Germany

05 July 2018
John Carpenter MedComms Event - Manchester, UK 13 Sep 2018
Raquel Billiones University of the Philippines Ecological Society - Philippines 24 Sep 2018
Franziska Abreu Max Planck Insititute - Marburg, Germany 25 Oct 2018
Alison Rapley MedComms Educational Event - Stgiles Medical Vestry House, London, UK 18 Dec 2018
John Carpenter NetworkPharm medcomms event, Medical Sciences Teaching Sciences Centre - Oxford, UK 10 Jan 2019
Anne McDonough Employability Conference/Fair to Bioscience students - University of Derby, UK 23 Jan 2019
Abe Shevack Humboldt University in Berlin, Speed dating” style career event organized by the Biotechnologische Studenteninitiative e.V 26 Feb 2019
Alison Rapley University College London Interactive workshop and career talk 5 Mar 2019
Walther Seiler Technical University Berlin, Jobwonder career event 7 May 2019
Abe Shevack Amsterdam, Netherlands - Local MW meeting on Careers in Medical Writing 18 May 2019
John Carpenter London, NetworkPharm medcomms career event 20 June 2019
John Dixon and Abe Shevack Webinar on “Key Steps to Success in Medical Writing” organized by Medic Footprints recorded on YouTube. To see the webinar click here. 9 July 2019
John Carpenter Manchester, NetworkPharm medcomms career event 10 Sept 2019
Tiziana Von Bruchhausen Dr Notghi Academy, Berlin 13 Sept 2019
John Carpenter London Career Fair, University of Birkbeck 28 Sept 2019
Anne McDonough Careers Initiative, University of Essex (Colchester) 18 Oct 2019
Abe Shevack Spoke in Berlin, Germany at local Medical Writers gathering 20 Nov 2019
Abe Shevack Interview with German Scholars Organisation (to view click here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_kSPCU0E3U&feature=youtu.be ) 25 Nov 2019
Alison Rapley City, University of London 12 Mar 2020
EMWA Representatives - TBD MediWeek, Birmingham (cancelled) 17-18 Mar 2020
Abe Shevack Parexel Academy, Berlin (cancelled) 21 Apr 2020
Gauri Jawdekar-Abraham German Cancer Research Institute 19 May 2020