Posted on 22 Sep 2018

Webinar for freelance EMWA members and non-members

Dear EMWA members and NON-members as well!

Our next LIVE webinar will be on Thursday the 27th of September at 14:00 CET during which Satyendra Shenoy will discuss EMWA’s outreach for its freelance members: activities and resources.

This webinar will be open for non-members as well as EMWA members so please let your colleagues know about it.

Here's a brief summary:

The webinar aims to inform attendees on facilities and resources available to EMWA members who are freelancers. This includes an introduction to the Freelance Business Forum at the conferences, Out On Our Own section of MEW, and online resources.

Moreover, attendees will be provided with a few pointers on how they can also contribute to EMWA.

If you wish to attend, you can register here.

Please keep in mind that our next webinar will be on the 30th October, from 14:00 to 15:00 CET and it will be about veterinary medical writing – same same but different, introduction to medical writing for veterinary medicinal products by Sandra Götsch-Schmidt.

Thank you!
The Webinar Team