Posted on 05 Jul 2017

Medical Writing, Issue 2, 2017, is now online

The latest issue of Medical Writing, on medical devices, may have already arrived in your mailbox, and the digital version is now available. This issue, organized by guest editor Diarmuid De Faoite, provides an array of information from medical writers who work in the medical devices “bubble”. Although medical writing is usually dominated by pharma, medical devices are becoming increasingly important, especially since the advent of new European regulations. If you are mulling over a possible move into medical devices, this issue is an excellent introduction.

Upcoming issues of Medical Writing
Upcoming issues will be on Observational Studies (September), Preclinical Studies (December), Vaccines and Immunotherapies (March 2018), and Editing (June 2018). Although the deadline for the Observational Studies issue has passed, feature articles can still be submitted for the issues on Preclinical Studies (deadline September 11), Vaccines and Immunotherapies (December 11), and Editing (March 15, 2018).

Interested in volunteering for the journal? Have ideas or suggestions?

If you are interested in volunteering or have ideas or suggestions for the journal, we would be happy to hear from you. Feel free to contact us at

Happy reading!

Phil Leventhal
Editor-in-Chief, Medical Writing