Posted on 01 Apr 2023

Have You Registered for EMWA 55 Yet?

Dear EMWA members,

The EMWA EPDC are excited to announce the offering that will be piloted at the 55th EMWA Conference in May 2023 in Prague. Based on the feedback that we have received from members, we are launching Expert Discussion Groups (EDG), led by experts for our very experienced members.

The discussion groups will be led by an expert moderator who will choose the subject and 2-3 relevant questions to guide discussion.  He or she will also recommend the level of understanding or experience of the topic that attendees should have to ensure that they are able to fully contribute to, and benefit from, the discussion.  The group number will be set by the moderator but will be in the range of 8–10 attendees so everyone has a chance to contribute. The topics chosen will be relevant, timely and thought-provoking. We are expecting lively and informed discussions.

Many of our expert members are no longer seeking credit for EMWA certification, and as the EDGs take the form of a discussion rather than formal taught content, attendance at or moderation of the DGs will not be eligible for credit.

We are thankful to one external member and two of the EPDC members who have agreed to moderate our first pilot EDGs. We think you will all be impressed with the topics chosen.

Sarah Tilly will be hosting an EDG with the topic of “automation in medical writing: present and future opportunities” something that we know everyone is talking about at this time.

Lawrence (Larry) Liberti, PhD, BPharm, RAC will be hosting an EDG with topic that will touch on many ethical and regulatory issues with “Products Approved by Accelerated, Conditional and Emergency Use Authorizations: What does the patient and HCP need to know and how do we communicate this to them?”

Helen Chambers will be hosting an EDG with the topic of “Patient Involvement in Publications” a topic that is sure to bring discussion at many levels!

Please look out for these on the conference programme and we as always encourage all feedback following the pilot of the first 3 EDGs.

We hope you all enjoy the expanded offerings from EMWA’s EPDC.

We are also delighted to announce a programme preview of workshops for our 55th EMWA Conference in Prague.

Click here to view the programme on our website. 

Conference registration opened on 1st March.

Kind regards, 

EMWA Conference Team