Posted on 07 Jun 2023

EMWA Webinar Wed 21 June 2023

EMWA Webinar Wed 21 June 2023, 11.00 CET (10.00 BST, 17.00 China Standard Time )

The CORE Reference Team - Chair, Sam Hamilton (Freelance); Committee - Alison McIntosh (Freelance), Vivien Fagan (IQVIA), Zuo Yen Lee (Caidya) will present a Webinar and Q&A session on CORE Reference and the CPD resources. 

Title: The CORE Reference Project - Value for the Global Regulatory MW Community

Target Audience: Regulatory medical writers (MWs) with an interest in CSR writing and transparency and disclosure (T&D) of clinical documents. The content of this session will be similar to that presented in Prague in May 2023 with additional content on T&D in Asia.

Abstract: The CORE Reference EMWA Special Project provides Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for regulatory MWs through open access resources and intelligence dissemination on clinical study reporting and public disclosure of clinical-regulatory documents. The team will present a 60-minute session including a full web tour; demonstration of the CPD resources, including the RPD content published monthly; a PDF open-book demonstration of CORE Reference and its practical utility; an update on T&D in Asia; and we will take questions from the audience.

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