Posted on 27 Feb 2019

EMWA webinar on oral presentations on 28 February!

Dear EMWA members,

We are hosting a webinar titled, "Oral presentations: skills to help you survive or even shine!" by John Dixon on 28 February from 14:00 to 15:00 CET.

Here's a brief introduction:

Giving an oral presentation is a daunting prospect for some. Even the more confident can find presenting a difficult skill to master. However, we must all stand and deliver at some stage, whether to share ideas informally with colleagues or help pitch for a new project to a major company. We discuss how to deal with nerves, rehearse and keep to time, use our voice and body language, make a presentation have impact, and deal with questions and difficult people. Join us to voice your views, ask questions or just listen. We hope to persuade you that delivering an oral presentation can be an enjoyable and worthwhile opportunity and not an ordeal to hide from!

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In March we will have a private company webinar by Daniel Heuman on "Checking Consistency: intro to PerfectIt"

Kind regards,

The EMWA Webinar Team