EMWA supports collective editorial calling for emergency action to limit global temperature increases, stop the destruction of nature, and protect health

The EMWA journal Medical Writing, with the endorsement of the EMWA Executive Committee and the support of the Sustainability SIG (SUS-SIG), is declaring full support for this collective and concerted editorial.

 Find out more about it here.

Green Grass & Flowers for our Readers

How can medical writers thank the people who help to make the profession such an interesting and inspiring one?

 Christiane Fetzer tells us how in this inspiring web editorial.

What happens before a drug enters a “first-in-human” trial?

Ever wondered what preclinical research involves and why is it required?

Karima Benamara shares background information and her personal experience of preclinical writing.

Jane Edwards
Medical Devices Regulation upheaval

The medical device world is facing unprecedented change, global regulations, clinical and technical, the industry has never faced change on this scale. The increased regulatory requirements will affect companies significantly and it is uncertain how many are in a position to deal with the increase in requirements.