Posted on 01 Apr 2023

Medical Writing - March 2023 Issue available now!

Dear EMWA members,

Our March 2023 is now available on our website themed around the timely topic of Clinical Trials.

Guest edited by Raquel Billiones and Ivana Turek, this edition looks at the crucial role of medical writers in clinical trials from start to finish and beyond. Happy reading!
For the rest of 2023, we have the following topics lined up:

June 2023: Freelancing
Freelancing is becoming an increasingly popular option for medical writers and communicators, but it's not as straightforward as finding a few clients and getting paid. There's so much more involved. Freelancers are mini business owners and to be successful, you need a plethora of skills, be self-motivated, driven, and adaptable and take the highs with the lows. In this issue, the authors will discuss what options are out there for freelancers, how to get started, and all the challenges that you may come across. Freelancing can be a lucrative business but addressing all the factors is key to being successful.
Guest Editors: Laura Kehoe and Satyen Shenoy
The deadline for feature articles has passed. 
September 2023: Automation and Artificial Intelligence
Streamlined complex medical report writing supported by artificial intelligence/machine learning is making its way into clinical regulatory writing. The medical writing automation’s goal is to speed up and ease clinical development processes by reducing the time and cost involved in creating and keeping regulatory documents up to date. This issue will examine current issues, challenges, and opportunities towards human-guided medical writing automation systems.
Guest Editors: Shiri Diskin and Daniela Kamir
The deadline for feature articles is June 1, 2023.
Biotechnology uses biological systems and living organisms in R&D and production processes. Biotechnologies include biologic and biosimilar pharmaceuticals like monoclonal antibodies, vaccines and advanced therapy medicinal products, including gene and cell therapies and tissue engineered products. In addition, biotechnologies support the product lifecycle, for instance, in non-clinical work using in silico, in vitro, and animal testing methods. Also, support services personnel like those in biobanks and supply chains require an understanding of biotechnology. This issue focuses on the crucial role of writing and communications in biotechnology and product development.
Guest Editors: Jennifer Bell
The deadline for feature articles is September 2023.
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