Posted on 27 Sep 2021

Medical Decision Making and Health Technology Assessment

Dear EMWA members,

The autumn edition of Medical Writing (MEW) is here.

This issue is devoted to Medical Decision Making and Health Technology Assessment, guest edited by Claire Gudex and Maria Kołtowska-Häggström. It contains an excellent collection of papers by experts and specialists in the field health technology assessments, policy and decision making.

In addition, check out our regular sections which contain articles ranging from medical devices and plain language summaries to freelancing and veterinary medicine. Enjoy!


Paperless option

Our journal is available electronically and can be read online or downloaded as pdf. If you want to explore the green paperless MEW experience, you can opt out of receiving the paper copy of the journal in your EMWA profile under “Preferences.”


Upcoming issues of Medical Writing:

December 2021: Medical journalism

We are living at a time when the general public is increasingly interested in scientific and medical advances. Hence, for medical writers understanding our audiences and how to efficiently reach them is key. This issue will cover those insights. Guest Editors: Evguenia Alechine and Phil Leventhal.


And here are the issues planned for 2022:

  • Sustainability in Medical Communications
  • Medical Devices
  • Working from Home
  • Open Science/Open Pharma


We continue to receive plenty of high-quality articles, but we are always happy to get more. And if you are into visual communications, consider designing a cover for one of the upcoming issues.

If you are interested in contributing or you have ideas, please contact us at


Raquel Billiones

Editor-in-Chief, Medical Writing