Posted on 07 Sep 2023

MedComms SIG Meet & Share: AI in Medical Writing

MedComms SIG Meet & Share: AI in Medical Writing - 27th September 2023

EMWA invites you to attend this meet and share to help set the scene for forthcoming Nov 2023 Seminar on AI in Medical Writing and a Symposia focussed on AI and Medical Writing at the annual conference in May 2024.

Dr Namrata Singh (Turacoz Group) and Martin Delahunty (Inspiring STEM) start the session with presenting some brief insights in AI tools and developments that will begin a conversation with attendees.

We encourage attendees to come prepared with experiences or knowledge of tools being used by medical writers and communicators. This will provide insights for future events and workshops to be conducted by EMWA.

Please register for this session by sending an email to EMWA: We will confirm your registration and send a calendar invite with the zoom details. 

This meeting is for EMWA members only, so please ensure your membership is up to date to attend this meeting. 

For more information about this webinar, organised by the MedComms SIG, please visit EMWA’s MedComms programme webpage.