Posted on 22 Sep 2021

Getting into Medical Writing (GIMW) group

We are delighted to announce that we’ve taken the Getting into Medical Writing session (former Internship Forum) to another level with the recent formation of the GIMW group. A handful of experienced medical writers eager to support our new members has come together to create resources and support aspiring medical writers. The aim of this group is to support new EMWA members in smoothly and successfully starting their career path as medical writers. 

Our first task has been putting together the Getting into Medical Writing session that will take place virtually during the November conference. This 3-hour session will provide new medical writers with the tools and resources they need to successfully take the first steps. 

The group members meet virtually every month. We are also working in updating the career guide and resources to create a starting package for all new EMWA members, we manage the private GIMW group on LinkedIn as a space for new members to ask questions, feel supported and network with other EMWA members. 

We work closely and collaboratively with the Ambassador’s programme to make sure that those interested in medical writing find a space within EMWA and feel supported. 

If you are an experienced medical writer interested in contributing to creating resources for new EMWA members and aspiring medical writers, please contact Evguenia Alechine at 

If you’re new to medical writing, keep an eye on upcoming activities run by this group, which will be announced via EMWA’s newsblast, on EMWA’s web page, and on social media.