Posted on 28 May 2022


While we are still full of energy gained from the 53rd EMWA Conference in Berlin, and feeling so grateful to have been able to meet face to face again, the EPDC would like to extend a huge thanks to all the workshop leaders who presented in Berlin or virtually after the conference.

We are all aware of the time, effort and commitment that is needed from our volunteers to prepare, run and mark the post workshop assignments and without them EMWA would not be what it is today. We thank each and everyone of you.

As many will have heard, there are some changes occurring within the EPDC. Marian Hodges who was the Educational Officer for 6 years has stepped down and Laura Collada and Jules Kovacevic are now job sharing the role. We all appreciate all the work that Marian has put in to develop the workshop programme and all her other contributions to EMWA. We are lucky that Marian is still around to ask our million questions but we would again like to thank her for everything she has done for EMWA, the EPDC and for us all personally.

We are also super excited to announce we have two new members of the EPDC, Diana Ribeiro and Helen Chambers.

Diana will focus on mainly the webinar programme and Helen will work alongside all the other members to mentor, develop and observe our workshop programme. We feel so lucky that we have these ladies joining us with their enthusiasm and knowledge and we all look forward to working with you.
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