Posted on 24 Feb 2023

EMWA update on conference feedback

Dear Members

Hope you are all well. Greetings for the new year!

Many of you attended the EMWA Spring Conference in May 2022, at Andel Hotel, Berlin, Germany. EMWA is grateful for your support and attendance. On the whole, the conference was a success. However, we are fully aware of the challenges faced at the venue and we apologise for the inconvenience and any distress caused. EMWA and our Head Office investigated the feedback received from members on what was clearly observed and experienced throughout the event.

As a result, we received a full apology from the hotel in writing, monetary compensation, and an acknowledgement that there are lessons to be learnt by the hotel. With this reimbursement, EMWA will provide a complimentary buffet dinner for attendees at the EMWA 2023 Spring Conference in Prague, Czech Republic, as we did in Berlin.

It does need to be noted that this conference for Andel Hotel was the first event hosted after 2 years of COVID-19 downtime. The rebooting of systems, processes and deployment of staff, unfortunately, didn’t quite happen on time. We are sure this was the case for many other venue providers during these unprecedented times.

EMWA and Head Office will also continue to learn from this event. Please contact if you have any questions or comments.