Posted on 29 May 2023

Ambassador Programme

The EMWA Ambassador Programme is continuing efforts to reach out to new audiences to promote medical writing and EMWA, and has supported the following events:

March 03, 2023

The first all-day meeting of the Italian Medical Writers took place at the Mario Negri Research Institute, Milan. The event was organised by former EMWA President Andrea Rossi and supported by the EMWA Ambassador Programme. It was attended by 53 participants from all over Italy.

The audience included those new to medical writing, students, and experienced medical communicators. Presentations were held on EMWA initiatives, the benefits of joining EMWA, and covered the spectrum of careers in medical writing.

The meeting was a great success with much enthusiastic participation, and many questions and ideas to be considered by EMWA. This event promises to become a regular meeting in Italy in the future. An article is being prepared for MEW in English as well as a version in Italian for the attendees.

March 10, 2023

Astra Zeneca (represented by Mark Norman and Joanne Hilton) in collaboration with EMWA gave an online presentation on careers in medical writing and tips for improving writing to graduate students and PhD candidates at the University College London Life Sciences Careers Week. There were around 59 participants who had many interesting questions.

May 10, 2023

At the EMWA Spring Conference in Prague, the Ambassadors held a lunch time meeting to discuss the current status and future plans. The meeting was attended by Andrea Rossi, Evguenia Alechine, Ricardo, Milho, Arun Sivananthan, Nadia Grewal, and Maria Kołtowska-Häggström. The group is currently in the process of organising a standing committee to coordinate future events.

June 22–23, 2023

Andrea Rossi will give a presentation on careers in medical writing at the University of Florence. He will then follow-up with a presentation at the university careers day on July 4–5, 2023.

September 25, 2023

Arunon Sivananthan and Ricardo Milho will again represent EMWA as exhibitors at the NetworkPharma Medcomms Careers Event at the Heathrow Conference Centre.


If you are an experienced medical writer and EMWA volunteer and are interested in becoming an EMWA Ambassador, or if you know of any upcoming career events in your locality, please contact Abe Shevack (