Posted on 14 Dec 2021

10% discount for referring new members to EMWA

Existing EMWA members can receive a 10% discount off their next year’s EMWA subscription for referring a new* member to EMWA. This discount is only valid for a maximum of one new member per year and a full year’s subscription must be paid by the new EMWA member before the discount can be given to the referrer. In addition, the new member needs to include the name of their referrer on the membership application form. Please note that discounts are not cumulative, nor can they be rolled over into subsequent years – i.e. the maximum discount possible in any given year is 10%.

*A new member can be completely new to EMWA or they may be a lapsed EMWA member who has not been a member for a minimum period of 3 full years (i.e. 36 months) in order to be considered a 'new' member again.

For more information, please contact Head Office at