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Somsuvro Basu, PhD is a freelance medical communicator based in Brno, Czechia. Som has nearly 3 years' experience as a scientific & medical communicator. Previously, he acted as a science communication officer at the Czech research consortium — CEITEC. He formulated and managed CEITEC's science magazine, intending to bring science close to a broad readership. He was also a co-chair of EU-LIFE's (an alliance of 14 independent European life sciences research institutes) Science Communications Working Group. Before transitioning to med comms, for 9 years, Som worked as a molecular cell biologist in Czechia (PhD) and Germany (postdoc). He peer-reviewed for several biomedical journals and proudly associated with EMWA since 2017.





EMWA News - Volume 33, Issue 2

A round-up of news in the organisation.   Medical Writing. 2024;33(2):10–1.

EMWA News - Volume 33, Issue 1

A round-up of news in the organisation Medical Writing. 2024;33(1):10–11.

EMWA News - Volume 32, Issue 4

ABSTRACT A round-up of news in the organisation. Medical Writing. 2023;32(4):10–11.

EMWA News - Volume 32, Issue 3

A round-up of news in EMWA: career guide for medical writers, a national network of medical writers in Italy, Local EMWA Groups, EMWA Ambassador Programme news, EMWA Professional Development Committee update. Medical Writing. 2023;32(3):10–11.…

EMWA News - Volume 32, Issue 2

Medical Writing. 2023;32(2):10–11.

EMWA News - Volume 32, Issue 1

This roundup of news from EMWA includes updates on the NetworkPharma Medcomms Career Event that took place at the Radisson Hotel & Conference Centre in London Heathrow and how to set up Special Interest Groups (SIG). Medical Writing.…

EMWA News - Volume 31, Issue 4

Medical Writing. 2022;31(4)10-11.

EMWA News - Volume 31, Issue 3

EMWA News - Volume 31, Issue 2

EMWA News - Volume 31, Issue 1

Ambassadors Programme News The EMWA Ambassadors Programme is continuing its efforts to reach out to new audiences to promote medical writing and EMWA. Marie Kołtowska-Häggström gave a talk (in Polish) on medical writing as a profession at the…

EMWA News - Volume 30, Issue 4

In September 2021, the editors-in-chief of over 200 biomedical and scientific journals from all geographic regions issued a call for Emergency Action to Limit Global Temperature Increases, Restore Biodiversity, and Protect Health.1 This editorial…

EMWA News - Volume 30, Issue 3

Spanish translation of the Joint Position Statement on Medical Publications, Preprints, and Peer Review We are proud to announce the posting of our first translation of the Joint Position Statement into Spanish by Almudena Pardo Mateos and reviewed…

One size doesn’t fit all: Tailored medical writing mentoring and training - Volume 30, Issue 2

While there is ultimately no “secret sauce” to mentoring, in this article I outline my nonnegotiables, which, although not rocket science, often take the mentor’s concerted effort to implement. Firstly, everyone is different. While hardly…

EMWA News - Volume 30, Issue 2

AMWA-EMWA-ISMPP Joint Position Statement on Medical Publications, Preprints, and Peer Review The AMWA-EMWA-ISMPP Position Statement on Medical Publications, Preprints, and Peer Review, published in Current Medical Research and Opinion (CMRO),…

EMWA News - Volume 30, Issue 1

Virtual conference planned for May 2021 As previously announced by EMWA President Beatrix Doerr, we will not hold a face-to-face meeting in May 2021, but instead a virtual conference. Here you will find everything you need to know to attend:…

EMWA News - Volume 29, Issue 4

We are sad to report that Carolina Rojido has had to step down from the EMWA Professional Development Committee (EPDC). Carolina has made a fantastic contribution, not only to the webinar programme but also to other EPDC activities. We are very…

EMWA News - Volume 29, Issue 3

As you have likely heard by now, EMWA will unfortunately not be able to hold a face-to-face conference in London in November. But the November conference is not cancelled! Instead, we will be holding a virtual conference. More information to come…

EMWA News - Volume 29, Issue 2

We hope that everybody is safe and well – as far as this is possible in the current scenario. COVID-19 is affecting every part of our lives, but we will try our best to help you through these times. Even though the Spring Conference in Prague had to…

EMWA News - Volume 29, Issue 1

The EMWA Executive Committee and Head Office closely monitored the rapidly evolving implications of the current COVID-19 situation and the recommendations from the World Health Organization as well as the advice from and restrictions implemented by…

Introduction - Volume 28, Issue 3

It is my privilege to present you the Medical Writing special issue garnering the current Trends in the Medical Writing sphere. With the perpetual amendments in the pharmaceutical industry and the ever-evolving approaches in operating and…

Cheeky medical writers: Transitioning from academia to medical writing - Volume 28, Issue 1

Many PhDs and postdocs in academia realise that they do not have such a strong passion for the bench, so some dream of becoming medical writers, but they often lack the information, training, connections, experience, and (most importantly)…

PhD student: A medical writer in the making! - Volume 27, Issue 1

With the ever-increasing stock of PhD holders and the diminishing number of permanent academic positions, alternative careers are in demand. Before the impostor syndrome marches in, these graduates need to realise that there can be a bright future,…



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