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Advertising on the EMWA website works!
"I have been flooded with responses to my ad, so thank you very much! ... I believe I have found some very good potential contractors."
"... from all of the media and contacts we used to search for suitable individuals the EMWA Jobs page was by far the most successful."
Berna Biotech AG
"Just a brief e-mail to let you know how successful the EMWA web page job ad was. We had about 20 responses, and all our final four candidates came from that route, despite having a external consultant on the job."
"We have filled the position with an excellent candidate who responded via the EMWA posting."
"Following our successful recruitment through these web pages ...."
ICON Clinical Research
"We have had on overwhelming response to the advert we placed on the website .... It has proved to be a great way to recruit."
Napp Pharmaceuticals
"Have already had loads of interest. Will definitely be using it again ..."
Chiltern International
"Can you take the Transart ad off. We’ve appointed our two new writers, both via the website. A very efficient and cost effective way to advertise. Many thanks." 
(This email was sent only 20 days after the ad was posted on the EMWA website)


Copy for a recruitment advertisement should be sent to us at as a Word file. Please supply any artwork for logos etc in a graphics format file. We can also lift a logo from a company website. (If you do have a site, we can link the advert to it.). We will do our best to match your design, but adverts are set in plain HTML and so may differ to some degree from a print design and will vary with the browser/settings and screen size of the viewer's computer. If provided we can provide a link to a PDF or Word version of your advert.

There is no copy deadline as the site is continuously updated. We aim to get your advert onto the site within a few days of receiving copy and purchase order details/payment. To speed posting unless a preview is requested we email you when the advert is online.

Members can request to be emailed as soon as an advertisement is placed on the site. To avoid delay in placement, please indicate in your email that you understand you will be incurring the €750 fee and to whom the invoice should be sent.

Occasionally we get enquiries from clients hoping to negotiate reduced rates for first adverts or reduced duration of posting. It is not our policy to do this. We believe our rates already represent good value for money. For the same reason EMWA does not pay agency commission.

We accept these types of medical writer recruitment adverts.


Job advert

Up to 2 months' display
750 €/£645
Up to two posts at the same company can be included in any one advert. (Agencies can opt to use this type as long as they are placing for one client up to two vacancies and sharing the same logo)

Agency listing

Up to 2 months' display
750 €/£645
A maximum of 12 posts for any number of companies but with a maximum of 150 words for each posting.

EMWA reserves the right to refuse advertisments. We do not accept advertisments that promote competitor websites

You will be sent an invoice when the advert is posted on the site and also asked to check the posting. After approval we will not normally agree to change adverts.

Figures show that the Jobs page is accessed between 2000-3000 times each month, and accounts for about 20% of the website traffic. At this rate, over the 2-month period the advert is online, the Jobs page could receive up to 6000 impressions. The email alert sent to members who have registered for this service also ensures your ad is seen quickly by a particularly important group of potential recruits.

We have also observed a new trend of certain advertisers ensuring they always have an advert online to keep the phones ringing.

If you want to target medical writers and editors we believe the EMWA website is a cost-effective solution. Our advertisers agree, as you can see by the unsolicited quotes above and the very high proportion of repeat business (over 50% of adverts come from companies who have advertised before and many have now used the site for their job adverts for years).

While you are waiting to fill your vacant position you may be interested in looking at our freelance listing for temporary cover.

Please contact EMWA at the below email address if you wish to place an advert or have an advertising-related query.

EMWA Head Office

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Tel: +44 (0)1625 664534

Emails should be sent to