Posted on 07 Aug 2018

The Nick Thompson Fellowship Award

Dear EMWA member

Established in 2001, The Nick Thompson Fellowship Award recognises service to EMWA above and beyond what would normally be expected of members or those who hold or have held elected offices.

Nick Thompson, for whom this award is named, was a member of EMWA who embodied the collegial spirit, bonhomie, and professional dedication which represent the core persona of the organisation. He died tragically young. EMWA wishes to recognise and preserve those values that were so important to Nick.

Present holders of the Award are Julia Cooper, Stephen de Looze, Barry Drees, Art Gertel (Chair), Barbara Grossman, Sam Hamilton, Marian Hodges, Wendy Kingdom, Julia Forjanic Klapproth, Elise Langdon-Neuner, and Alistair Reeves. The late Geoff Hall was an inaugural Nick Thompson Fellow.

The Award confers lifetime EMWA membership and registration at association conferences on the elected Fellow. Fellows serve informally, in the capacity of advisors to the organisation, given their length of service, knowledge of the history of EMWA, and their involvement in the profession.

Nominations of candidates can be made by any EMWA member except a Nick Thompson Fellow or a sitting member of EMWA’s Executive Committee (EC). Members of the EC may be nominated.

Nominations must be received by EMWA Head Office by 1 October 2018. They must be accompanied by a statement of qualification, including details of the candidate’s special contributions to EMWA and justification for the nomination (not less than 200 words). The Fellows will consider all nominations and will advise the EC, via the President, of the results of their deliberations.

If you consider that any EMWA member would deserve this award, please submit your nomination to EMWA Head Office:

Please do not inform the candidate that you have nominated them.

Kind Regards

Art Gertel
Committee Chair