Posted on 19 Feb 2017

The Freelance Business Group and general benefits for EMWA members

Reorganisation of the FBG Group
There have been a number of new initiatives developed for freelancers over the last 12 months and we feel it would be a good time to reorganise the running of the group. We plan to create a subcommittee of 4 or 5 volunteers one of whom will act as overall chairperson. This will allow more people to get involved and maybe take on a specific task for the group. We will be introducing this during the Birmingham conference.

Additional Benefits for EMWA members
The 15% discount for first-year membership to the Association of Independent Professionals and Self-Employed (IPSE), previously a part of the Freelance Benefits Package, will now be available to all interested EMWA members. In addition we have negotiated a 25% discount for a first-year trial membership with the Verband der Gründer und Selbständigen Deutschland e.V. (VGSD), an organisation involved with freelance advocacy in Germany. Detailed information on IPSE and VGSD memberships is now available online.

As the benefit of IPSE membership discount, previously available to freelancers, is now available to all EMWA members, the freelance benefits package has been dissolved. The Freelance Directory, a valuable tool for our freelancers who wish to advertise their business on our website, will continue to operate as before. The annual fee for advertising in the Freelance Directory remains at €90.