Posted on 19 Apr 2022

Sustainable Communications

Dear EMWA members,

The latest issue of Medical Writing is now available on our website.

This issue on Sustainable Communications, guest edited by Surayya Taranum and Elisa Sala, is the perfect theme to kick off the year. 
Medical writers and communicators have an important role to play in addressing global problems such as climate emergency, pandemics, and war. This issue includes a wide range of articles and other contributions covering these concerns. We hope you will appreciate and learn from this issue.

Upcoming issues of Medical Writing:
June 2022: Medical devices

The implementation date of the EU Medical Device Regulation has arrived marking a new era of heightened attention to medical device safety and performance. This issue will explore the experiences, challenges, and lessons learned over the last years preparing for the MDR requirements as well as potential opportunities these changes bring. Moreover, we touch base on the implementation of the EU In-Vitro Diagnostic Regulation and on other aspects of writing for medical devices. The deadline for feature articles is March 2022.
Guest editors: Kelly Goodwin Burri and Beatrix Doerr

September 2022: A virtual workforce
Working remotely/working from home has become the norm these days. The September 2022 issue of Medical Writing will focus on various aspects of working from home- the good, the bad, the ugly. We will have articles on the challenges of writing from home, managing teams and also, on how some of us overcome these challenges and enjoy this opportunity. The deadline for feature articles is June 1, 2022.
Guest Editor: Archana Nagarajan

December 2022: Open science / open access
Open access ensures that the highest quality, peer-reviewed evidence is available to anyone who needs it, anywhere in the world. This issue will focus on how open access and plain language summaries improve transparency, advance medical science, and ultimately improve patient care. Focus will also be given to how Open Pharma, a group of pharmaceutical companies and other research funders, alongside healthcare professionals, regulators, patients, publishers and other stakeholders in healthcare, are driving this goal.
Guest Editors: Martin Delahunty, Tanya Stezhka, Chris Winchester

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Raquel Billiones
Editor-in-Chief, Medical Writing