Posted on 08 Oct 2019

Sponsored webinar on creating winning CVs

Dear EMWA Members,

Our next LIVE webinar will take place on 10th October 2019, at 14:00 CET!
 Please click here if you wish to register.

Title: How medical writers can create a CV that wins more work and / or secures a higher rate -  private company webinar

Speaker: Alistair Morris, CV and Interview Advisors 

Summary: The CV and Interview Advisors have prepared an engaging and thought-provoking webinar and discover several innovative strategies to help you win more work, more frequently and at higher rates. This event is specifically designed for EMWA members and packed with practical advice that really works, including: how to assess the effectiveness of your current CV; the things that you should NEVER do on your CV; how to transform your CV into a powerful business case that differentiates you from your competitors; and how to beat the automated tracking systems. The event is live and will be followed by a Q and A session.  

Our next webinar after this will be in December 2019, by Sarah Choudhury on Personal experience from transitioning from Pharma to Medical Devices.

Thank you!
The Webinar Team