Posted on 28 Nov 2017

Recollections and Accomplishments of former EMWA Presidents

The Roman historian Diogenes Laertius once said, “There is nothing permanent except change.” This certainly pertains to EMWA as we celebrate our 25th year. EMWA’s first meeting in 1992 as recounted by former President Geoff Hall, was a small affair attended by only 32 people with no workshops. 

Today we are an organization of over 1000 members with bi-annual meetings, more than 130 active workshops, full day symposia, and expert seminar sessions at Spring conferences. EMWA is more dynamic than ever thanks to all of the very dedicated and energetic people who have voluntarily stepped up over the years to steer, improve, and expand our organization to what it is today. On this occasion we have collected some of the stories of past EMWA presidents since 2007 and acknowledge their accomplishments.

EMWA owes its success to many people who stepped up and helped when they were needed. Not all of them are always acknowledged. This does not in the least diminish their influence and involvement in shaping our organization. They deserve our gratitude and a round of applause. Click here to read more.