Posted on 09 May 2022

New workshop for EMWA 53rd conference in Berlin

A new workshop - Graphical Abstracts - was presented by Dr Carola Krauss at the 53rd EMWA conference in Berlin 2022. The conference also celebrated 30 years of EMWA 1992-2022, and the workshop highlighted the importance of clear scientific communication in the digital age.

There were 14 workshop attendees from across a range of medical communication backgrounds and experiences. Everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy the content and activities presented.

Delegates in attendance were:

Neha Agarwal; Lilian Amrein; Emily Atkinson; Cymentha Correia; Katerina Doslikova; Ana Goios; Allison Kirsop; Mauro Meloni; Archana Nagarajan; Anne Rascle; Kimi Uegaki; Tiziana von Bruchhausen; Beate Walter; Ekaterina Weith.

We are all looking forward to seeing where this new workshop leads - no pressure Carola!