Posted on 18 Oct 2020

New Web Editorial

"It is beyond belief how effortlessly wistfulness can make us forgiving, but then who could have foretold the upheavals we have experienced between a year ago, let us say, and the present — in inconceivable venues, all over the world. That’s our lot. That was then, and this is now. We have what we have. There were things that used to be irksome then, but which because of distancing, sheltering, shutdowns, and etcetera, I now remember appreciatively, as if they had been liberating divertissements, and I sigh: “Ah, how we did not have the wisdom to recognise and savour them as good [or “better”] old days.” Such, in retrospect I now admit were many bygone CME conferences I attended irritably, because things do not always line up to my satisfaction. To have a satisfying CME there ought be a concordance of supportive conditions. You ask how have I scored? Shut the window firm and give a short listen."

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