Posted on 01 Jan 2018

New members needed for the EPDC

Sadly, Laurence Auffret and Andrea Palluch have had to step down from the EMWA Professional Development Committee (EPDC). We are very grateful for all the work they have done to support the EMWA professional development programme (EPDP).

We are looking for 2 new members. One will be our lead on webinars, which will include leading the small team of volunteers who are working on webinar presentations and the forthcoming programme. The other member will focus on the workshops, including mentoring workshop leaders who are developing new topics.

To ensure we maintain a broad range of experience and expertise on the EPDC, we are particularly keen to recruit a member who has experience in med comms or medical devices, but we are open to applications from members with other experience.

If you are an EPDP workshop leader and/OR have experience and expertise relevant to the webinar programme and would like to help ensure the quality and further development of the education programme, we'd like to hear from you.

Please contact Marian Hodges at for full details, including the terms of reference for the EPDC and an expression of interest form.