Posted on 05 Oct 2016

Medical Writing issue on statistics

For many medical writers, statistics can be a challenge. But to do our jobs well, we must have at least a basic understanding of statistics and must be able to communicate and collaborate effectively with biostatisticians.

The current issue of Medical Writing, which is available online in full to members, provides a wealth of information to help get you there. This includes articles on the history of biostatistics, the proper use of statistics and especially p-values, how to understand and report meta-analyses and multivariable analyses, and how to collaborate and communicating with biostatisticians. Also included is an update of the SAMPL guidelines for reporting statistics in medical journal articles.

The issue also features an article on the difficulty of finding entry-level medical writing jobs, coupled with a new regular section, Getting Your Foot in the Door, that focus on how to make the transition to a career in medical writing.

We hope that you find the issue helpful and are continuing to enjoy our new journal format. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or ideas at

Happy reading!