Posted on 17 Jan 2018

Medical Writing issue on nonclinical and preclinical studies

The latest issue of Medical Writing on nonclinical and preclinical studies is now available. Guest Editor Nathan Susnik has put together a nice collection of articles on a variety of related topics, including:

  • Nonclinical regulatory writing in Europe and Russia
  • The path of drug development from bench to bedside
  • Disclosure of nonclinical and preclinical research¬†
  • Methodology for animal studies
  • The economic and scientific impact of the reproducibility crisis in preclinical research

The issue also includes useful articles on other topics, including:

  • How to survive Brexit as a medical writer
  • Designing patient lay summaries for Japanese audiences
  • Presenting and writing about science
  • Differences between medical writing and medical journalism

Please let us know if you have any suggestions for content or for improving our journal by writing to

Happy reading!

Phil Leventhal