Posted on 20 Jul 2019

Medical Writing: Generics and Biosimilars

The latest issue of Medical Writing is available on our dedicated website and has been posted out to members.

The theme is Generics and Biosimilars and was put together by Diana Radovan, who did a great job of starting conversations across different areas of the drug development process (originators, biosimilars, and generics).

While general information on biosimilars and generics is increasingly available, there aren’t many hands-on resources for medical writers who have broad medical writing experience but who don’t have any experience specifically in these areas. This issue aims to bridge this information gap. It provides practical tools for developing fit-for-purpose documents throughout a biosimilar/generic product’s lifecycle.

Upcoming issues of Medical Writing:

  • September 2019: “Trends in medical writing”. Guest editor: Somsuvro Basu. The deadline for feature articles was June 10.
  • December 2019: “Artificial intelligence and digital health”. Guest editors: Evguenia Alechine and Martin Delahunty. The deadline for feature articles is September 9.
  • March 2020: “The data economy”. Guest editors: Sam Hamilton and Raquel Billiones. The deadline for feature articles is December 10.

We continue to receive plenty of high-quality articles, but we are always happy to get more. If you are interested in contributing or you have ideas for upcoming issues, please contact us at

Happy reading!
Phil Leventhal
Editor-in-Chief, Medical Writing