Posted on 16 Apr 2019

EMWA Ambassador’s Programme Update

The EMWA Ambassador’s Programme continues to make progress in spreading the word about medical writing at universities and career events in the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands. John Carpenter started out this year by attending a Medcomms event on 10 January, organized by NetworkPharma at the Medical Science Teaching Centre at Oxford. There were 70 participants and John was available to answer questions about EMWA and medical writing. On 23 January, Ann McDonough attended an Employability Conference/Fair for bioscience students at the University of Derby where she held an “eye opening” talk to 30 students on careers in medical writing and the benefits of joining EMWA.

Abe Shevack took part in a “speed dating” style career event organized by the Biotechnologische Studenteninitiative e.V. at Humboldt University in Berlin on 26 February. He met with 7 groups of 8 students for 10 minutes each and was able to present himself, the field of medical writing, EMWA, and answer questions. At least one student wrote that Abe’s presentation was one of the most interesting that evening. On 5 March, Alison Rapley was again invited to present her very successful interactive writing workshop to 25 mostly post graduates at the University College, London. Alison reported that there was a lot of interest among the participants about careers in medical writing. 

Our newest Ambassador, Walter Seiler will attend the “Jobwonder” career event at the Technical University in Berlin on 7 May. Walter will give a talk about careers in medical writing. Abe will be heading to Amsterdam on 18 May to speak at a locally organized networking event for current and aspiring writers that will be dedicated to careers in medical writing. Many thanks to EMWA members Sally Hill and Jacky Johnson for the invitation.

Finally, John Carpenter will attend two Medcomms events organized by NetworkPharma on 20 June in London and on 10 September in Manchester.

As you can see there is a lot going on. If you want to know more about the Ambassador’s Programme, we will be holding two lunch table discussions during the Vienna Conference on Thursday, 9 May from 12:45-13:45 and on Friday, 10 May from 12:00-13:30 in the conference hotel restaurant. You can also check the Ambassador’s Programme events list on the EMWA website or contact Abe Shevack at