Posted on 24 Nov 2021

Ambassador Programme News

The EMWA Ambassador Programme is continuing its efforts to reach out to new audiences to promote medical writing and EMWA.

Maria Kołtowska-Häggström gave a talk (in Polish) on medical writing as a profession at the Translation and Localization Conference in Warsaw, Poland on 30 September to 40 participants who provided answers to questions on a check list provided by Maria before the talk. The attendees mostly wanted to know about the education background needed to be a medical writer, what courses are offered at conferences, the general profile of a medical writer, the source of potential clients, and the possibility of combining translation services with medical writing. The presentation was well received with very positive feedback.

Anne McDonough gave a presentation on medical communication (current trends and challenges) at a webinar for Life Science Students at the University of Essex on 14 October to over 60 students. There was a lot on interest and some very good questions from the participants.

Abe Shevack gave a presentation on careers in medical writing and the benefits of joining EMWA on 5 November at the Annual Virtual Careers Fair at Birkbeck University. The event was attended by over 20 active participants who asked a number of interesting questions during and after the presentation.

If you are an experienced medical writer and EMWA volunteer and are interested in becoming an EMWA Ambassador or if you know of any upcoming career events in your locality please contact Abe Shevack (