A Career in Medical Writing

Like a lot of people, you have probably landed on this page because you are thinking about starting a career as a medical writer and are looking for some background information.

EMWA is very proactive in attracting new people to the profession. One of the best ways to get your foot in the door is to come to EMWA conferences. Not only do you gain training as a writer, it shows potential employers that you are serious about getting into the industry. In addition, EMWA provides an invaluable networking opportunity that enables you to get to know many other writers across Europe and beyond. This is very helpful for developing relationships that can lead to future job opportunities. The same applies to anyone thinking of starting a freelance career.

On this page we have gathered together some sources that are of special interest to people learning about or new to medical writing. A good place to start is EMWA's Career Guide to Medical Writing (November 2016 edition).

If you are not one already, please consider becoming an EMWA member and unlock all of the benefits that membership brings.

Useful links

EMWA's Career Guide to Medical Writing (November 2016 edition)

Freelance Resource Centre for EMWA members

Career leaflet

Article: Challenges within medical writing
Kari Skinningsrud 2009

Selected articles from The Write Stuff:

Vol 18 (1) 2009

Broad-spectrum medical writer: Nature or nurture?
Alison McIntosh

The regulatory medical writer: More than a writer, an expert
Mary Jane Lunsford

Medical writing for early clinical development
Biddy Schilizzi

Vol 17(3) 2008

A week in the life of a medical writer
Thomas Mondrup

Vol 16 (4) 2007

From academia to medical writing—And staying there
Raquel Billiones

Vol 16 (1) 2007

Investigative medical writing: Marrying medical writing and journalism
Catherine Mary

Conference highlight reports for marketing purposes:
A cross between medical writing and journalism

Anita van den Oetelaar and Hélène van Moorsel

Vol 15 (1) 2006

Medical writers in drug development and marketing
Keith Dawes and Katherine Kauper

Vol 14 (4) 2005

Medical writing in a contract research organisation
Karen Donnelly

Vol 14 (2) 2005

Medical journalism—a career move?
Jo Whelan