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Conversation with Prof. Ana Marušić

Lead author of The Five-step Authorship Framework to Improve Transparency in Disclosing Contributors to Industry-sponsored Clinical Trial publications
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Evading responsibility to readers and third parties – original article and replies

The Journal of Bioethical Inquiry declined to correct the record of publication to the satisfaction of a reader whose professional interests they felt were threatened by misleading information. Read the original article and a reply on the subject here in the EMWA Webeditorial section.
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Increasing author disclosure requirements: what does this mean for the medical writer involved in the manuscript development process?

In recent years, a greater number of peer-reviewed journals, across almost all therapy areas, have added to their author guidelines, or their submission systems, the requirement to not only disclose all potential financial conflicts for all named authors, but also to detail the contributions made by each author to study design and conduct, and manuscript development and approval.......

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Open access and online publishing: is the traditional print journal a thing of the past?

Over the last decade there has been a notable surge in the number of publishers offering open access to one or more of their medical journals. So with more and more journals transitioning to open access, what will the impact be for the more traditional journals, which offer their content through print and online only subscriptions, or by ‘pay per view’ for a particular article?

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